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Late News
Ken Clarke, M.P., in all-day
sitting at Soundhouse

We are thrilled with the Earphone Award for our Audible production of 'The Man on the Mountaintop' starring Stanley Tucci and Toby Jones and a full cast including Tim Bentinck and Alison Dowling.

Next to come is a classic performance by Miriam Margolyes of Charles Dickens 'Bleak House' which Garrick is directing for Audible.

The Story Circle has just completed 'The Man on the Mountaintop' adapted from Susan Trott's 'Holy Man' trilogy by Libby Spurrier with a cast of 26 actors. It was narrated by Stanley Tucci and starred Toby Jones as Joe. Sound design was by John Wakefield and music composed by Odinn Hilmarsson. Direction was by Liza Ross and Garrick Hagon. Hear the program on www.audible.co.uk.

We are now producing for Naxos Audiobooks an unabridged recording of Samuel Richardson's 'Clarissa', with Sam West as the Narrator, Lucy Scott as Clarissa and Roger May as Lovelace. Also in the cast are Nigel Pilkington, Teresa Gallagher, Anna Bentinck, Katie Scarfe, Hayward B. Morse, Paul Panting and John Foley. This production of over 50 hours will be available on the Naxos site in 2018.

Great to see that two programs which Garrick directed are nominated for AUDIE AWARDS: 'The Oedipus Plays' in the Best Production category and 'Glitterland' read by Nick Boulton in the Romance category.

Mark Billingham has read his 'Bloodline' and 'From the Dead' for Hachette. Next Mark is reading his new thriller 'Love Like Blood'.

Daniel Weyman has read the terrific legal thriller by John Fairfax (a.k.a. William Brodrick) directed by Garrick for Hachette.

Liza Ross directed Nicholas Boulton's reading of Sarah Dunant's latest novel 'In the Name of the Family'.

Congratulations to Simon Callow on the Earphone Award for 'Tales of the Peculiar' by Ransom Riggs which Garrick directed at Motivation Sound for Penquin Random House.

At Audible studios, Garrick enjoyed directing Maajid Nawaz reading his book 'Radical' in which he tells of his tough boyhood days in Southend, initiation into hard-line Islamism at university, his long incarceration in Mubarak's worst prison and his journey onwards towards a vision of a tolerant, democratic and forward-looking Islam which he now carries throughout the world.

Garrick had a delightful time working with M.P. Ken Clarke recording his wonderfully entertaining and informative autobiography, Kind of Blue, at The Soundhouse in London. The book is published by PanMacmillan and is already stirring up interest and some controversy, especially among some Brexiteers. The audiobook follows soon.

Last month Garrick Hagon directed a terrific dual reading by Anna Acton and Finlay Robertson of Kate Eberlen's new novel 'Miss You' for Macmillan Audio at Sans Walk Studios.

Samantha Bond and
Jamie Glover at the mic

Garrick directed Sophocles' theban plays, Oedipus the King, Oedipus at Colonus and Antigone with a cast including Jamie Glover, Hayley Atwell, Julian Glover, Samantha Bond, Michael Maloney, David Horovitch, Lydia Leonard, Nicholas Rowe, Geoffrey Streatfeild, Andrew Branch, Hayward Morse, Jane Whittenshaw, Jonathan Oliver, Nigel Pilkington, Jaime Cameron Stewart and Liza Ross. Norman Goodman was the Production Engineer at Motivation Sound Studios for producer Nicolas Soames and Audible UK.

Great work by Michael Fenton Stevens on Terry Pratchett’s last novel, written with Stephen Baxter, ‘The Long Utopia’, about to be released by Random House Audio and Harper Audio in the US.

Rachel Atkins Harriet Carmichael

For Hachette Audio, Rachel Atkins and Harriet Carmichael performed a moving dual-voice reading of Rosamund Lupton’s new story, The Quality of Silence, set in the far north of Alaska in the dead of winter. Nothing cozy here but the emotions run as deep as the fracking wells. Directed by Garrick Hagon.

Coming up is Mark Billingham's reading of his latest Tom Thorne novel, Time of Death, for Hachette Audio.

Nick Boulton

Nick Boulton has now completed the Laura Kinsale Collection with the last two titles, 'The Hidden Heart' and 'Seize the Fire' soon to be published by Audible. Garrick directed and John Wakefield was the engineer at the Talking Book Studios. Five Earphones have been awarded to the Kinsale recordings to date.

Henry Goodman has completed the mammoth recording of Primo Levi's 'If This is a Man' and 'The Truce' directed by Garrick Hagon for Hachette Audio with studio engineer Timothy Brown. A great privilege to work on this epic production with Henry.

It was a delight to have author Laura Kinsale with us at the Talking Book Studios for Nicholas Boulton's reading of her book 'Uncertain Magic' directed by Garrick with studio engineer John Wakefield. Next up are Nick's readings of 'The Hidden Heart' and 'Seize the Fire' due on Audible in the spring.

Juliet Stevenson

Juliet Stevenson has given a tour-de-force, 22 hour performance of the latest Sarah Waters novel, The Paying Guests, recorded by Timothy Brown at the Talking Book Studios, London and directed by Garrick Hagon for Hachette and Penguin Audio.

Mma Ramotswe is with us again in glorious Botswana sunshine in Adjoa Andoh's reading of the latest No. 1 Ladies Detective story, The Handsome Man's De Luxe Cafe for Hachette Audio.

In his off hours from the RSC's 'Wolf Hall' now at the Aldwych Theatre, Nicholas Boulton has performed the latest in the Laura Kinsale collection, 'Lessons in French', recorded by Simon Brown and directed by Garrick. Congratulations to Laura and to Nick on the Audie finalist nomination for 'For My Lady's Heart'.

Bertie is back! Alexander McCall Smith's new 44 Scotland St. novel, 'Bertie's Guide to Life and Mothers', has been read beautifully by David Rintoul, director Garrick Hagon at Talking Book Studios.

Users of Audible U.K. have named The Cuckoo’s Calling the Audiobook of the Year. Congratulations to author Robert Galbraith (aka J.K. Rowling), reader Robert Glenister and the Story Circle team. The book was produced by Sarah Shrubb at Hachette Audio, and recorded by Timothy Brown at Talking Book Studios, London. It was directed by Garrick Hagon.

Nicholas Boulton

Two more AudioFile Earphone Awards for our productions of The Shadow and the Star and My Sweet Folly by Laura Kinsale read by Nicholas Boulton for Hedgehog Inc.! Hear interviews with Nicholas and Laura here.

Congratulations to Nicholas Boulton for the Earphone Award for Midsummer Moon by Laura Kinsale directed by Liza Ross for Hedgehog Inc. See the review on Critics' Circle.

Robert Glenister brought the thriller, 'The Cuckoo's Calling', brilliantly to life. We loved the book and NO! we didn't know at the time that the 'author', Robert Galbraith, was J.K. Rowling. Mark Billingham (not an alias) read his own new novel in the Tom Thorne series, 'The Dying Hours'. Mark is as great a reader as he is a storyteller. And Karen Cass gave a wonderful comic performance in Jill Hornby's hilarious debut novel, 'The Hive'.

Michael Fenton Stevens cleverly performed Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter's 'The Long War', the much-awaited sequel to 'The Long Earth'. And author/actor Martyn Waites followed the success of last year's Tania Carver trilogy with the next exciting installment, 'The Doll's House'.

Continuing Nicholas Boulton's reading of the Laura Kinsale collection we have now completed the exciting, exotic historical novels 'Flowers from the Storm', 'The Shadow and the Star', 'The Prince of Midnight', 'Midsummer Moon' and 'The Dream Hunter'. Next up: 'My Sweet Folly'.

News from Orli Moskowitz of Random House US that her production of Nathaniel Parker's reading of 'Artemis Fowl, The Last Guardian', directed by Garrick Hagon and recorded at Chatterbox, has just been named one of four prestigious 2013 Odyssey Honor Award winners chosen by American librarians for excellence in audiobook production. Congratulations to all!

Jeremy Irons

Jeremy Irons has read, beautifully, Paulo Coelho's latest book, 'Manuscript Found in Accra', for Aaron Blank of Random House Audiobooks US. Garrick Hagon directed at Adrian Sear's Soundtracks Studio.

We recorded a splendidly spirited performance by Sophie Aldred of two stories based on the incredibly popular TREE FU TOM TV children’s series for an audiobook app made by Random House. Directed by Garrick Hagon with engineer Adrian Sear.

Sophie Aldred with
editor Hollie Fisher

David Purdie has recorded Alexander McCall Smith's ‘Trains and Lovers’ for Sarah Shrubb at Hachette Digital recorded by Timothy Brown and directed by Liza Ross.

Over 12 days writer/actor Martyn Waites has done an excellent marathon reading of Tania Carver’s three crime thrillers, ‘The Creeper’, ‘Cage of Bones’ and ‘Choked’ due to be published by Hachette Digital in September. The productions, recorded simultaneously for CD in a version abridged by Liza Ross, were directed by Garrick Hagon and recorded by Timothy Brown.

Martyn Waites Toby Longworth

Mark Billingham’s new thriller, Rush of Blood, set in Florida and in London suburbia, has been given an exciting performance by Toby Longworth who is now touring with the Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Recorded for Hachette Digital at Soundtracks and directed by Garrick Hagon.

Two exciting productions just recorded: ‘The Long Earth’ by Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter and read by Michael Fenton Stevens and the first of Michelle Paver’s new series, ‘Gods and Warriors’, read by Toby Stephens.

Michael Fenton
Toby Stephens and
Michelle Paver

A great pleasure producing the unabridged recordings for Hachette of two remarkable debut novels: 'This Is How It Ends' by Irish journalist Kathleen MacMahon, read by Caroline Lennon with music by Peter Pontzen and ‘Park Lane’ by Frances Osbourne, read by Jane Collingwood.

Our production for Hachette Digital of ‘The Limpopo Academy of Private Detection’, the latest in Alexander McCall Smith’s Mma Ramotswe series, was abridged by Liza Ross and has been given another wonderful reading for abridged and unabridged versions by Adjoa Andoh.

Jane CollingwoodMark Billingham

Recent unabridged Story Circle recordings for download by Hachette Digital: Finty Williams reading ‘Afterwards’ by Rosamund Lupton, Daniel Philpott reading ‘The Return of Capt. John Emmett’ by Elizabeth Spellers and Mark Billingham reading his latest thriller ‘Good As Dead’.

Miriam Margolyes has brilliantly read 'Lucia in London' the final recording in our series of six Mapp and Lucia stories by E.F. Benson, for Hachette Digital, directed by Garrick Hagon, post-production by Wolfgang Dienst.

Lucy Scott

A Persephone Books first for the New Year! We have just finished recording Lucy Scott's reading of Frances Hodgson Burnett's 'The Making of a Marchioness'. One of Persephone's most popular titles, the audio production directed by Garrick Hagon will be available for download soon. Studio engineer and post-production by Wolfgang Dienst.

Also for Persephone it was a great pleasure to record Diana Athill, who has recently celebrated her 93rd birthday, reading brilliantly 6 of her own short stories, part of a collection of 12 stories to be published in April 2011 and soon after available in audio format.

Diana Athill Michael Brandon

Rupert Degas has read Andy McNab's 'Zero Hour' for Random House and at Strathmore Publishing Michael Brandon read the latest John Grisham thriller, 'The Reversal', for Orion Audiobooks.

Hilary Neville has read Alexander McCall Smith's 'The Charming Quirks of Others'. Samantha Bond donned her spurs to read Jilly Cooper's 'Jump' and Haydn Gwynne has read 'Trick of the Dark', the latest mystery thriller by Val McDermid.

David Rintoul

David Rintoul has performed two funny and touching Scottish stories, 'The Importance of Being Seven', the latest 'Bertie' saga in Alexander McCall Smith's '44 Scotland Street' series abridged by Kati Nicholl and the wonderful 'Whisky Galore' by Compton Mackenzie, abridged and directed by Garrick Hagon and recorded by Adrian Sear at Soundtracks with post-production by Wolfgang Dienst.

Sylvester McCoy

Sylvester McCoy came to Soundtracks Studio in great form to read John Burningham’s famous children’s stories, Mr. Gumpy’s Outing and Mr. Gumpy’s Motor Car, with music by Peter Pontzen and effects and production by Wolfgang Dienst and Garrick Hagon.

Jeff Harding has read ‘In the Shadow of the Cypress’ by Thomas Steinbeck for Brilliance Audio US directed by Liza Ross.

Adjoa Andoh, recently seen as Nelson Mandela's personal secretary in the film Invictus, has read the latest Mma Ramotswe story ‘The Double Comfort Safari Club’ by Alexander McCall Smith.

We have abridged and produced ‘The Forgotten Highlander’ read by David Rintoul. This is the harrowing account by the 91-year-old veteran Alistair Urquhart of his capture in Singapore and subsequent slave labour on the Burma ‘Death’ Railway.

Alan Howard Juliet Stevenson

The Story Circle production of ‘Tea Time for the Traditionally Built’ read by Adjoa Andoh for Hachette Digital has just won the 2009 UK Audiobook of the Year: Fiction Category.

Juliet Stevenson read Kate DiCamillo’s ‘The Magician’s Elephant’ for Brilliance Audio.

Alan Howard narrated ‘You Must Remember This’, Classic Songs from World War II and the Stories Behind Them, at his home on the Isle of Barra in the Hebrides, a production for Hachette Digital directed by Garrick Hagon with recording by Wolfgang Dienst.

Claire Bloom Michael Maloney
and Adrian Sear

Ian McKellen read the final book in Michelle Paver’s wonderful ‘Wolf Brother’ series for Orion, Michael Maloney read Val McDermid’s ‘Fever of the Bone’ for Hachette, Hilary Neville read Alexander McCall Smith’s latest Isabel Dalhousie story, ‘The Lost Art of Gratitude’, Christopher Ravenscroft read Ruth Rendell’s ‘The Monster in the Box’ for Random House, and Garrick Hagon read ‘The Devil’s Garden’ for Random House.

Brian Cox with Garrick

Earlier, Claire Bloom joined us to read Diana Athill's new bestseller ‘Somewhere Towards the End’ at Soundtracks Studio, London, with engineer Adrian Sear and post-production by Wolfgang Dienst for Orion/Strathmore.

Brian Cox performed J.R.R. Tolkien’s translation of the great Norse poetic saga, ‘The Legend of Sigurd and Gudrun’.

Julie Walters Charley Boorman

Julie Walters has recorded her warm and funny autobiography ‘That's Another Story’ for Orion Audiobooks, directed by Garrick Hagon.

Charley Boorman’s account of his fantastic trip ‘By Any Means’, which we abridged and produced, was read by Rupert Degas and recorded at Soundtracks Studio, London, for Hachette.

Bill Bryson at
Q Sound

Gaining an Earphone Award from AudioFile magazine, Frances McDormand recorded the unabridged book of her latest film, ‘Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day’, by Winifred Watson. The production was directed by Garrick Hagon at CDM Studios in New York with post-production by Wolfgang Dienst.

Bill Bryson read his own funny and informative ‘Shakespeare’ at Q Sound for Harper Collins.

Frances McDormand

Of our production of the Lewis Carroll classic for Naxos, Christina Hardyment in The Times said: ‘A new multi-voiced unabridged Alice in Wonderland is the best I have come across.’ (full review on Critics’ Circle page)

The Story Circle production of ‘Classic Tales of Ghosts and Vampires’ is now available on www.audible.com. – ‘one of the most imaginative and original audiobook collections that I’ve heard’, Christina Hardyment, The Times, August 21st, 2004.

Now available on Audible.com are The Story Circle collections of wonderful stories recorded by many of our finest readers: ‘Classic Tales of Ghosts and Vampires Volumes I and II’, ‘Classic Tales of Mystery’, ‘Classic Tales of Horror’, ‘Classic Tales of Werewolves’, ‘Midnight Terror: Classic Tales of Vampires’. Now available: ‘Green-Eyed Ghost Cat’ by Michael Greater, read by David Thorpe and ‘A Rose for Reuben: Stories of Hope from the Holocaust’, written and read by Robert Rietti. Soon to be released are our new collections: ‘Classic Gothic Tales’ and ‘Classic Tales of Hauntings’. See the Story Circle productions for Persephone Books at www.persephonebooks.co.uk.

An article from Publishing News on The Story Circle Multi-Voice Recordings can be found on the Critics' Circle page.

Recent Awards...

Awards for Story Circle Productions are listed on the Winner's Circle page.

Hilary Neville

Publisher Sarah Shrubb
with Nathaniel Parker

'The Amber Spyglass'

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Garrick Hagon (Director), Nigel Whitmey,
Philip Pullman, Liza Ross (Hester),
Jo Wyatt (Lyra) and
Norman Goodman (studio engineer)
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Miriam Margolyes

Cecilia Ahern, author
of 'PS I Love You'
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Victoria Smurfit
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Tamsin Greig
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Rupert Degas in Q Sound

Jo Wyatt as Alice in Wonderland

Anton Lesser
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Adjoa Andoh reading The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency

Sir Ian McKellen performing Wolf Brother
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Hugh Laurie, reader of 'Portuguese Irregular Verbs'
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Finty Williams
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Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy and her daughter
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